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Integrity Counseling Services seeks to facilitate an environment of safety, compassion, and empathy for all people for the purposes of emotional healing and freedom.


Respect for all people from every walk of life; every human has distinct dignity and worth

Every individual from every walk of life has intrinsic value and thus should be treated with respect, human dignity, and worth.

Power of presence

We, as clinicians, understand that our ability to be present with every client in the midst of every high and low of life without judgment is our most useful tool.

Compassion and empathy

Every client deserves to be treated with compassion and empathy throughout the counseling process.


We are commited to be life long learners and to facilitate curiosity in order to develop a deeper understanding of every client we encounter.

Healthy workplace

If employees are happy in the work that they are doing, feel that they are receiving adequate pay and benefits, time off, and if those even at the bottom of the corporate ladder feel like an intricate part of the team then typically the practice will thrive. This plays into how clients are treated and the overall environment of the counseling practice.

Healing is possible

Emotional healing is always possible for every client. Each clinician is committed to facilitating an environment of long term growth and healing throughout the counseling process.

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